Are you pregnant or planning to be?

There is so much information to prepare for your big day, where does one start? I’ve written a booklet with information about healthy pregnancy, risk factors, when to go to the hospital, things to get ready for baby and more. Learn what to expect during labor and delivery and how to get ready for
your birth experience. There are so many options, choices, and decisions
to make. Take classes and read up on your pregnancy.

I've helped families through the birth process for 30 years and hope you find this information helpful. Be smart, get prepared, learn about what to expect and what you need to do and think about before your due date. See the pregnancy check list.

My booklet: "Having a Baby: A Nurse’s Tips on Childbirth Preparation",
is available for purchase (Buy Now).

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Wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy!

Judy Cohen, RNC BSN MSN


Preview my new booklet...
"A Nurse's Tips on Childbirth Preparation"

  • Starting healthy
  • Getting ready for labor & delivery
  • When to head to the hospital
  • Your baby's safety
  • Other decisions and stuff to do
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